Parallax Scrolling - Flappy Dragon

I ran a non profit teaching kids to code and this was one of our projects. I am hoping to get a bit more active in the community here. Love the forum and project sharing. I saw a post on a closed thread recently about parallax scrolling and Snap!. I uploaded one of our projects where we did just that

There are some custom blocks that handle some of the heavy lifting if I remember correctly. Looking through the forums I found some better ways of possibly handling some of the layering. As an aside it would be really great to be able to just put something on a layer and have it stay there (not dependent on when a sprite is created as new sprites used to at least appear on top).

Anyway I'll leave this here in case it helps someone work through the idea of parallax scrolling backgrounds in Snap! as it is completely possible.

This is one of the most polished Snap! games I've ever seen! Thank you for sharing!

Whoa! This is awesome (and sooo hard to play), thank you for sharing! Hey, is it okay if I use this to demo Snap! to other folks? Amazing!

Absolutely Jens. I have a couple others I used in our classes I am trying to dig up and I'll post up as well.

Thanks so much! I really loved teaching the kids and we had a bunch of projects that were polished like this. It helps the kids see the real benefit and possibilities in coding even with Snap!.

Thank you! Fabulous work, I can't wait to see more!

I just flew above the screen and I got so far without any effort. I think maybe you should make the player not able to leave the screen.