Paper minecraft remake

Who wants to make a new project(similar to paper minecraft)
Though I want this clone to have these things

  1. A launcher
  2. Mods
  3. I want to be able to look into the code of the project and be able to modify it
  4. Saving game
  5. Easy multiplayer like a server like a interface where you make a server(by that I mean providing a port and a name of the server and then you can type that stuff in and it brings you to that server)
  6. Of course I want it to be 2D
  7. A quick chat
  8. Usernames
  9. Add whatever else you want
    I wanna see what you guys make

Could we make it top-down? I recently made a top-down world generator.


Nice to see from you again

It's been a while.


Link the project when done

I can build the modding interface and world-file formatting.


I have an idea about mods I think they should be in a file like you know how minecraft Bedrock has .Mcworld I think we should have a .2cworld

I was thinking that we could make blocks and items data-driven, with a list representing it.

Yes that’s what I was thinking too
Also But if the game is top down how do you get stone
Edit: rocks
Also once you done with the main stuff I’ll work on the multiplayer part using MQTT
Also link the projects url when done

I would like to point out that chat projects are banned on snap. You can, however, make a list of predefined messages (and send them as just a number mapped to a message in a list).

I think it's best to not start with multiplayer, but instead create the game with multiplayer in mind. The best way to do this is to create the player sprite in a way that you can create a second player, and have a different script control it, as well as interacting with other player sprites. The best way to test that is to create local multiplayer. After that, then you can look into actually adding online multiplayer.

Hey, how about a toggle between top-down (maybe called new mode) and classic 2D (called Scratch mode?)?

Yes that’s a good idea also do you want to help once blue finished the main project

Also by easy multiplayer I didn’t mean while making it I meant that like after the whole project was finished we would add the extra stuff
Edit: also thanks for telling me about the chat thing
Edit: I’m still gonna add the chat but instead ima make it quick and by that I mean you don’t enter text you pick choices and options

I don't think this is a 100% chat project, think of it like actual Minecraft; it's there, but not part of the main game. Could be good as a mod if it's not in the game itself.

We could try that but I think that it’s gonna be a quick chat a chat with options no actual entering text

When I say chat projects are banned, I mean any type of free chat in a project, it doesn't have to be a dedicated chat project.

Ok then we will remove chat