Palette swap

Is there a fast way to switch a palette? In this project, it takes 263.9 seconds to load, even though it should be a quick palette swap. Do you know any way to fix that, and make it faster? There are only 8 colours, but I still don't want to copy so many costumes.

oh yeah, there's a waay faster way to do that (you can also put the code in the warp block to make it run a lot faster)

What is the faster way?

I'm working on it right now (not trying to sound annoyed).

edit: maybe I spoke too soon

OK. Also, warp doesn't help. Warp makes snap go at the fastest speed, but it is already going almost that fast.

Can you explain how it works? Even if it takes too much effort to make it, any speed improvement can be used eventually.

WARP prevents other threads from running, including redisplay. So I don't understand why I can see those SAY things happen at all. But try not doing the SAY and see if that speeds it up.

Warp actually slows to down from 263.9 to 283.8.

why do you need to use hashtables?

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