Painting app project

I decided to make my own painting app project because I was bored.
A link to the project.
I figured out a way to implement an undo system as well, just press Z to undo a stroke.
There is no color tray; it was too complicated, but you can change the pen color with a slider.
Anyways hope you enjoy!

This was pretty cool!

Thank you! I worked hard on it.

BTW, I’m making a drawing app too!

Why did you delete your post and reply the same thing again?

Oh I didn’t notice that, I accidentally made it.

Nice, now show us the brush size and color on the upper left in real time like this:

When the pen size is small and i change the hue or brightness, i don't see the color because the pen is under hue...

Good idea! I'll get working on that.
Edit: It should be working now!
I also found out that the brightness slider can mess up the undo process, so I've removed it for the time being. Sorry about that.