pacman v1.04

Love it! It' really cool and very alike to the real game.

what are the controls

Arrow keys

it won't work

It works for me. I don't know why it's not working for you.

I tried again.
it still won't work

Works for me both in edit and presentation mode on WIn10/Chrome

@loucheman - Very nice looking version :slight_smile:

Thank you

Did you really used my Pac-Man sprite without my permission, you louchy man!?

u have arrow keys?!

be patient it work after some thime

whats thime

I meant time!

That’s what I thought

You made those? They look cool!

  1. It's not these sprites
    your ghost::
    my ghost:
    wow, it's the same!
  2. The sprites come from google image: congratulations if I came across your image in google image!
  3. Are you really the author of this sprite sheet? I can doubt it ...
  4. I'm loucheman, not louchy man

In french, "loucher" mean "squint"
this one:

not this one: