Outline of costume

i couldnt think of any way to do this. i got to look it up

I tried doing this
untitled script pic (11)
but sadly it came out gray instead of white as I'd hoped.


Pixels library
conv filter.6 script pic

If you add a color to its complementary hue, the sum should be white. But I guess the starting color was a tint, not a pure hue. Back to the drawing board!

@dardoro is using matrix kernel convolutions from the Pixels library, which is the official right way (Kernel (image processing) - Wikipedia). But it's also fun to cook up other funky ways. I've tried changing the size and using cut, and it sorta works:

And if you tweak it a little bit it gets more even and nicer:

Assuming you didn't make this specifically for Alonzo, I think this should be in the pixels library as well

That's brilliant! I second adding it to the library.

when are you adding the things i made

Yeah Jens is really smart

Yeah, I know, I have to work on the library. I'll get there, but not necessarily quickly. Sorry for being a flake.