Other forums?

Currently snap forum is only making notifications 9/day
on its most active period it was 33/day
and you can only discuss snap here
Are there other programming forums that atleast get you a reply within an hour?

Not true.

Not with snap

yeah but not not about programming

plus this is in ten days after today

At the time I posted that rule, we were dealing with an infestation of teenagers who only wanted to chat and had no real interest in Snap!.

It's still the case that "we can't be that place," but we aren't necessarily going to crack down on the occasional conversation about something else. It really depends on how much time I have to spend on aspects of moderation that I don't enjoy. (Read that again; it doesn't say "threads that I don't enjoy.")

On the other hand, I think we're about to have a hard crackdown on the posting of projects that implement chat rooms using cloud variables, and the bald-faced posting of links to other discussion sites, even ones people implement themselves.

but i saw some posts about netblox cloud variables and another about cyanide and they got flagged and deleted

@first_class_grey_rin @mr_owlssssnap2
you can talk about other programming and computer related topics (#compsci:related-sciences) but they don’t want more of that stuff then of Snap! stuff.

Those weren't deleted because of a general rule against off-topic posts, but because of the specific content.

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