OSWars I

This contest is canceled.

Then don't reply!

Could you be the OSWars I admin? all you have to do is judge them at the end and post their new project every week.

I want to be leader of the orange team please.

ok ill do that

Ok, I added you to the OSWars I collection

I would like to be OSWars I admin. I am familiar with OSWars on Scratch, I have submitted one before but it never made it in. Please note that I would like to only be admin temporarily, maybe only the first 3 weeks. And I also need the voing date to be a day other than sunday. Sunday is my no-electronics day.

You will have to be for all 10 weeks, but I can delay the judging until Monday

EDIT: Also, you can ask for the projects on Monday.

I added you to the OSWars I collection.

Thank you.

News update

Team green leader and team red leader are still available, claim them while you can!

Please reply to the topic and not the last post when you mean to reply to the topic, you've been told this several times now.

Why did you reply to my post?

I want to be part of a team to make a text-based OS like MS-DOS

If not, then a visual based OS like Linux or Windows

EDIT: I've made an OS before: https://replit.com/talk/share/VeronicaOS-10/84848

Ok, as the contest has not started yet, you can't join a team, but you can sign up to be a team leader.

Can I join your team?

You have to wait until the contest starts.

Question: How much time do the teams get to create their OS?

10 weeks

EDIT: see schedule in the first post