Or with input list

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It takes a number of boolean inputs, and if any of them are true, then this reports true.

there's a block in the Variadic Reporters library that does that

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Oh! Awesome. Didn't know those existed. I'm running into weird errors with this anyway.

Probably because you're saying Boolean (Unevaluated) and that won't work with the simple COMBINE you have. If you want lazy evaluation you'll have to write it yourself as a recursion or a loop.

If your happy to accept this as false then
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But if you want to be explicit
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Not not! I don't recall ever seeing that in Snap! before, although people do it all the time in Lisp. :~)


A boolean converter!

What about True or True being True, but 1 + 1 being 2? (yes it's been noticed before and Boole (I think) defined his + to give 1 if both inputs were 1.)

Any value that is not 0 is a true

I guess that could be said about what I was talking about, though it's more that non-0 values are turned into 1.

That’s why, I think.