Operation: Trees

I know I am not a mod or dev here but I am starting an operation. Influence saving trees through snap! Everyone should create projects about saving the environment then share there projects with there friends!

Heres the first project!

This can also be used as an example for your project.
When you make your project add it to the nature collection and post the link by replying to this post.

the project doesn't seem to exist. did you forget to share it?

Please share it
Edit: Never mind, my mans just got the link wrong. You have to add an exclamation mark to the end

What do you want me to do? I've never cut down a tree in my life.

Its in the collection Nature.

Make a project about trees and saving them then share it with everyone you know!

And what do you want me to ask them to do?

define save the trees
if <[you]=[A cut down-er of trees]> then
stop cutting down trees
make a project that contains{
save the trees

Share it with all your friends, try to stop tree brutality lol.

Im ya man.

"My mans" is more of a general term

Shouldn't it be a project of operation trees?
Operation trees are 树状算图 in my math lessons https://www.so.com/s?ie=UTF-8&q=树状算图
But I use a different version of it to write a program that evaluate things that have precedence.

Anyone made a project yet?

Starter project : fractal tree 4 in the example projects...