Open source way of building Snap! projects into Executables?

Hi! I'm looking for a way to build Snap! projects through open source means! The main reason for this is that the one snap compiler that's always linked to is forced to specific resolutions and i want a way to be able to use non standard resolutions/be much more specific with what sizes i want.

I'm pretty sure Snapp! is open source/free software?

oh my god the wiki links to the github. LMAO

im so sorry didn't realize

Yes, but at the moment it's kind of broken and hasn't been updated in a while.


He didn't know the "wiki"<footnote 1> had a link.

<footnote 1> Wiki? Besides the wiki stuff on the forums, I've never heard of a Snap! wiki.

Miraheze is BLOCKED.

uh, okay?

Well, that's stupid.


@mr_owlssssnap2 what are you suggesting???



I'm not suggesting anything

Sounded like you were.