Only last clone will run code that it reads out of a list

Snap version 6.9.0, for some reason, when making clones of an object and having them read their code out of a list (making a list full of rigidified code and having the clones execute it) only the last clone will run code that is in a loop.

The code in this picture should make 3 turtle sprites, in random positions, that spin, but only the last one to be created will spin. The other clones will only execute the code over it (in this case "show" and "go to (random position)"

Only Sprite runs the code, not the clones.
Try this
Untitled script pic (14)

That works, thank you very much.

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The scripts in the Make list were created in the context of the parent sprite, so any sprite or clone running it will run it in the context of the parent sprite. tell _ to _ temporarily changes the context to a specified sprite.

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