One thing that Scratch has better

I love snap and have found that it is better than scratch in almost always. However when I go to drawing sprites/backdrops I find it really tough that I can not see the real time drawing updates I am making and have to click "ok" to see how my work fits with my layers. I really wish there was an option to allow for realtime drawing update to Stage. Thank you!

Put this in Requests, since this isn't a bug.

How to do that?

There's a pencil, right beside the flag icon, and you can edit that.

A better paint editor is on Brian and Jens' When Things Slow Down™ list.

On topics, it's next to the name.

You mean Jens'

It is known that the snap paint editor really needs work. For now, you can use an external image editor, like, gimp, or photoshop (I also hear microsoft paint got an update to add transparency and layers...). These have layers, which you cab utilize to kind of preview the image while you're editing it, by importing the other images onto a separate layer, and then edit the costume you're working on.

and Brian.

Yes. Sorry. Typed w/o proofreading.

I personally dislike the new update to MS Paint. They also added AI art generation to it.

I personally use Krita.

MS Paint added AI art generation? I'm still stuck on the Windows XP type design.

Do you have Windows 11?

Nah, still Win10. I never felt on upgrading my Windows (mainly because of requirements.)

That's why. (Personally, I like Win 10 better. The requirements are actually the same, they just upped it ridiculously. With some registry editing, you should still be able to get it. (I use Linux, so I don't have to deal with Microsoft's Shenanigans.))

Scratch team put a LOT of time and effort into their costume editor that Snap! have never had time for

One common suggestion is to use Scratch editor and then export and import into Snap! once happy

People have been making that mistake since my Cub Scout membership card, age 8 I think. I was really amused the first time I visited Australia and heard my name pronounced "Brawn"!

To be honest, I made that mistake for a while the first year or two I was on the snap forum, so I can see how they made that mistake.

He just typed really quickly w/o checking that he typed it right.