On Screen Keyboard

Is there any good on screen keyboards made on Snap! that are affective and look good? If not, could someone make or a colab be started to make one?

Try this:

cool, but warp it when it draws, add a cursor, and also a backspace button, otherwise, it is amazing

I did that on purpose for an effect.

That makes code complicated

I'll add that at some point.

also try using clones for the button so it doesn't need you to clear it which could break pen projects

Clones on a loop are a bad idea for a keyboard. Plus I would need the clones to communicate somehow.

well ur already using the mouse pos to press keys, so just use them for graphics, anchor them to the background, and keep a list so you can delete them later, might be kinda tricky to do, also, keep main sprite in loop and [ask] eack clone if it is touching the pointer if the mouse is down

if you are gonna use touching instead of pos