On chrome OS sound will not play after leaving the tab while audio is playing

it's pretty annoying, any reason why this happens? any way to reset the audio from the extra stuff seen among alt-clicking the menus? why are there so many problems with playing sound?? (there was an issue with sound on safari too that i reported a few weeks ago, (also the freq block does not change the currently playing frequency on safari unless the currently playing one is stopped first, crushing 2 bugs with 1 post i guess :P))

I think that's because project's do not run when they are not the active tab

Ah, pardon me, i mean after coming back into the tab.

browsers always had problems with audio

whether it is playing file types to autoplay to audiocontext

Why? ask broswer devs for details

Well, the project gets stopped when you leave the tab (sometimes partially). To test this i made a reoccurring thumbnail (A thumbnail that appears when the project is stopped), started the project (made thumbnail disappear), opened a new tab,
then went back. The thumbnail was showing! That means the project was either partially or fully stopped. It could also be Chrome hibernating tabs (Saving a tabs state and putting it to sleep). Opening the tab again will wake the tab up again. This sometimes causes Snap! to act up. I hope this explanation has given you a better understanding of why the audio may stop.