Older versions of snap

Hi, there is a place where i can download older versions of snap (offline version) (since v4)?

Just because i'm curious !


I think you have to spend quite a bit of time to do this

One way is to download the Snap! github repository https://github.com/jmoenig/Snap
Then look through the history to find a version you were interested in

Then find the commit hash for that release (8e92c65cae699004342092133b0a7f99a6f1ed5c for the V4.0 one) from the git log


Then you have to checkout that commit

Then you can load up snap.html in your browser or run a webserver to serve the files

And then you try it out!

it's actually pretty simple. download from https://github.com/jmoenig/Snap/releases/tag/version (replace version with whatever version you want. or, find the release you want from https://github.com/jmoenig/Snap/releases/
does that solve your problem?


It's already the oldest version, Scratch 1.0

no this is talking about Snap!, not Scratch.

It's true your answer. It's Snap! (Not Scratch)
The oldest version is Chirp 0.1

chirp is different from :snap: and BYOB

what is chirp

jen's first scratch mod

i think i heard of it before...somewhere in the scratch wiki

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