Old BYOB - can compiling project cause corruption to other files?

Hi, I was using a Old version of BYOB 3.11 on windows 10, I tried the compile option just to see what would happen, it pulled up the command prompt, but displayed a error code, when I found the program in the Documents folder, it gave a NSIS error, saying it was damaged. Could the compile option in the old BYOB cause corruption to parts of the system, I know it's old and not supported but if anyone can give me some clarification on this then that would be great. Thanks. I'm just a bit concerned with all the error codes.

Incase you need to know, I was just testing it on Windows 10. I use a Mac OS X Tiger which runs it very well, I like testing old software sometimes. I was just trying it on a newer machine, I just wanna make sure I didn't mess anything up.

I did close the command prompt as soon as it opened up, a bit of a instict reaction, which cloud maybe mean it did not finish compiling, which shouldn't cause corruption to other parts of the system. If anyone has succesfully compilied a project on windows 10 using byob 3.11 please tell me, thanks.

I don't think you have to worry about damage to other files on your system. It just combines BYOB itself and your project into an .exe file.

Ok thanks.