Old and new microphone blocks

There is no general "Questions about Snap! category, so I'm putting this here.

I noticed that microphone samples block functions quite differently than before, yet my older project utilizing it still works the same.

There is quite a big difference between the two, the old one seems to function similarly to a microphone volume block, where each output slightly goes down. I don't know what to call the new one, though.
Here are both the old and new projects for comparison.
Old Project
New Project

The old project uses microphone spectrum, whereas the new project uses microphone samples. Those are different options in the same block.

I do not know how I didn't realize that.

I do like microphone samples better, though, it's faster than items slowly dropping down as seen in the first one.

it's not that they're slowly dropping down, it's that each item is the value of each KHz level in the spectrum

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