Ogg sound files


This is just a simple request for support of .ogg sound files.
Why... "ogg" format, because it is opensource & good quality I believe, where as mp3 & wave are not.

Am using Snap! v5.0.3 in Firefox v64.0 on a Mac v10.12.6 and can't seem to get Snap! to recognize .ogg sound files.


I believe we support any sound format your browser supports. Can you play ogg files from other sites in your browser? Or maybe you can get a Firefox extension to support them.

Firefox seems to play ogg's just fine...
just can't seem to load them into Snap! either by drag & drop or through Sounds... menu.

Hmm I don't know then. We'll look into it...

importing ogg audio files into Snap! and using them as sounds works fine for me in Chrome on MacOS. Firefox doesn't seem recognize them as audio files. This looks like a Firefox issue, because Snap isn't even checking for certain filetypes, it's looking at whether a dropped file is an audio mime type.

Oh… tried Vivaldi which I think is based on Chrome & ogg’s work fine.
Still no luck with Firefox though…

So when I said I thought “Firefox seems to play ogg's just fine” that was only because I tried playing some some samples from a web page and they seemed to work, but maybe the page just had some default player or code or somthing?

Looked for plugin for playing ogg’s on Firefox but couldn’t find anything specific.

Maybe I should ask the Firefox people on how to make it recognize ogg’s “audio mime” type?

Except I’m not quite sure if I know what I’m talking about.

Thanks for your help.

It would be interesting to know whether the web page you tried is HTML-based or Flash-based. It has to be HTML-based to be a relevant test.

Sound effects from…

Sorry, I’m not qualified to know if it is HTML-based or Flash-based.

Thought all web pages were HTML-based?

That's actually a bug in Firefox, but it's actually quite easy for us to circumvent.

Apparently Firefox provides the wrong video/ogg MIME type instead of the correct audio/ogg one, and since we're expecting the MIME type to start with the audio word in morphic.js, we never get to process the file.

I'm sending a PR with a simple fix, give me a minute :slight_smile:

Jens has pulled this fix and it is now live, so you should be able to import OGGs normally from Firefox, @perspexsphinx :slight_smile:

Well, it turned out to be a bug, just not our bug. :~)