Offer extract option on all command blocks if possible

I am loving new official extract option but would ask that it is present on all command blocks

Although its not needed for the last block in a script/inside C-Block, and that its quicker to just drag the block out - I'm using extract all the time and I now don't stop to think whether I need to use it or not.

So not having it available on the last block is actually slowing me down :slight_smile:

So, I know its not needed, but as long as it doesn't require major code logic to deal with, could it be made available for the last block as well please?



PS just noticed that 6.3 is now live as the release :grin:

just don't use the context menu, Simon. Instead press and hold down the shift-key and then you can "extract" anything.

Well .... doesn't immediately grab me as a useful facility, as I'd have to put my coffee cup down to extract ANY block if I adopted that method :slight_smile:

@legoman3.14 re your right-click-drag to extract request in your other thread

I thought it was a nice idea but I think one issue is that right-click-drag currently doesn't do anything

I'm not sure if it's a valid mouse event in any IDE.

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