Oddities with rings [Snap and NetsBlox]

((myVar :: grey)({{move (10) steps} ▸:: grey ring} :: list) :: grey ring)
({move (10) steps} ▸ :: ring grey) = (call [CloudVariables v] / [getVariable v] [myVar] [passcode] :: list) // false
when green flag clicked :: control
run (call [CloudVariables v] / [getVariable v] [myVar] [passcode] :: list) ▸ :: control // does nothing
this is technically an issue in NetsBlox, but to some degree it also applies here because the same thing somewhat happens with variables and lists.

How do I fix this...?

How about publishing a simple Snap! project that you think doesn't work with variables and lists

Can't reproduce in snap :confused:
I know it's a problem in netsblox though

Why don't you ask this on the NetsBlox forum?