OC Requests!

OC Requests

Do you want to have an OC (original character)? You can request it here. I can design the OC for you and give it directly here.

What is an original character

An original character is the character you have (similar how mascots work), which you can use to act, and use in your projects or profile picture.

How to request an OC

  1. Give us the OC name, species, description, and characteristics. The characteristics are optional. The description tells us how the OC looked like, the shape, the color, and many more.

  2. Post it, and when I respond, I can design the OC. Wait until the OC is designed and posted.

  3. To download the OC, right-click, and choose Save image as.... You may edit it in any editor you'd like, for example, Scratch Paint Editor.

OC Request Example

The OC name is Ten, with a species of a skunk, indigo and light indigo color of fur, with sharp teeth visible, and blue T-shirt. Its characteristics is the color-changing capability.

Ready to request?

You may request an OC, especially if you don't have one, in this topic. You can also request another OC if you have one but need another.

Nice offer!

Here's my request: (I'm not going to make it too easy :slight_smile: )

  • OC name is qw23.
  • For a logo I would like to have a queue of capital Q's, a bit like the following example:
    ... but different in the following respects:
  1. The first Q will be the largest. Behind it will be infinitely many smaller Q's, same H/W-ratio, all with the same upperbound. Like a line of identical Q's at identical distances, as seen in perspective towards a vanishing point.
  2. The first Q will be green, each next Q will be a little redder, such that the hue will have turned fully red at the vanishing point. The color saturation will be 100% in front, and turn less towards the end (perhaps even to 0, I'd have to see what that looks like).

I'm looking forward to your results!

I've given a logo for the OC. Now, what's the OC species, description, and role?

Idea for qw23's logo

You're really quick, and I like it - thanks!

What do you mean? My current description says I'm a student at the Department of Recreational Computing. Is that the kind of thing you're looking for?

Yes, but I'm talking about what animal would be on your OC (a cat, a dog, or something else). A human character is fine.

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you're saying. In my view the queue-of-Q's is the "animal". BTW the image was cropped by the forum system (Discourse?). Do you know if there is something to be done about that?

Are there some more? If not, then you're all set.

Well ... It would be nice if the Q's could be in a circle with a nice background color (a very faint blue might work) and bit smaller so the Q won't get cropped. Would you be willing to do that?
Also I noticed that the logo won't appear in some quotations (which is almost ironiq).

It works in this one, so perhaps it's a matter of time before it's implemented all over the forum,

Idea for qw23's logo 2

Okay, this one may look good. Do you need a humanoid OC? If not, then you're ready to go.

Hmm ... I liked the 1st version better, really. Could you move it a little bit to the northeast so the front Q won't get cropped at southwest? or perhaps add a single invisible pixel southwest of the Q?

Idea for qw23's logo 3
I've added an invisible pixel at the southwest, does it look good?

Great, thanks again!

I absolutely love my little mascot guy, I made him with a Scratch project a while ago and then drew a SVG version of it that's now my profile picture.

I'm a fan of your art style. Could you draw my guy?


I don't know how to design that, I can only design anthropomorphic animal OC's like my OC (which is a wolf-fox hybrid). I guess it's difficult to make it without making it look ugly.

But I'll try to make that if I can.