November 2023 TOTM

I have an idea for the November TOTM.
November 2023 TOTM: Plugged In
basically, this TOTM is about getting data from websites and cloud games.


  • Make a project that gets data from scratch
  • Make a tutorial on HOW to get data from websites
  • Make a cloud generic platformer XD
  • Sneak peek on my next project

    Scratch 4.0

@jadga can this be the November TOTM?

I can tell you now, on a scale on 1 to 10 this is going to score -1 with the Snap! team

I don't think getting data from Websites with Snap! will work out well with the Snap! Development Team. Using JS in general to collect data from other websites and stuff is either frowned upon or downright forbidden, depending on what data you're collecting and how bad the data is.

For example, yes, you can collect data from Snap! to get, say, the user's username. But if you were smart enough but pretty dumb and you collected data from, I don't know, Facebook, and you collected the DOB for every user on Facebook, then that's pretty...yeah. It's bad.

From the sound of what you said, I think you assumed that MQTT is basically Cloud. Yes, MQTT can be used for Multiplayer, but it's not the best for making Multiplayer Games...



im sorry, jens litterally made a tutorial/example on how to use the [scratchblocks] (url ()::sensing) [/scratchblocks] block

what about a snowy theme? winter is coming

the -fog- winter is coming

why not a snowy theme in december, thats when chrismas happens.

why isnt it the best?

In the Northern hemisphere.

ngl, at first i thought your pfp was a froggit (undertale)

It is, in fact, a Gaster Blaster on top of Temmie's face on Toriel's body, all under some sunglasses. I made it on Scratch with an Undertale pfp maker of some kind a while back, then, more recently, I created an SVG that looks like it, which is my profile picture right now.

oh lol

My question is: exactly what data are you collecting?

idk, scratch data?

Hey, sorry for not answering!

I didn't manage to create a new banner for November, but I put "data" on my list for December.
Get your projects ready :wink:


p.s.: you can just drag CSV, json or txt files into Snap! to be able to use them in your project. They'll be stored in a variable with the file name.

if you want to get data from apis, you can use the "url" block in the sensing category.


here's a list of free APIs that you can try out (use the ones that have "no" in the CORS column): GitHub - public-apis/public-apis: A collective list of free APIs

This is super helpful! Thank you!

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