How does the url block work

I’ve always wondered how the elusive url block works
could someone help me fiqure it out

it gets webage content from a url

it makes an HTTP GET request to the inputted website

but how do I make it work

You put a url into it and it hopefully returns some data

Unfortunately , nowadays, people don't like other people dipping into their websites so there is something called CORS which prevents you from getting info from a lot of sites

(Search for CORS on the forum to see a LOT of posts on this subject)

But @jadga has provided a list of sites that don't need - check out November 2023 TOTM - #16 by jadga

is GitHub a site that has CORS

Use search young padawan :slight_smile:

A LOT of sites use it - more and more each day

Obie one kanobie

If someone sets up github pages on a repo, by default it allows other websites to access the github pages page. Now, github itself doesn't have this luxury, for example, you can't get a github release url from snap.

ok thanks

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