Nothing Custom Block

again, again 6 script pic

There is nothing.
You can't add anything.

again, again 6 script pic (1)

If you drag it from hat blocks, it becomes bigger, but still nothing.

again, again 6 script pic (2)

This block is just nothing.

again, again 6 script pic (3)

(got it through some error with setting definition)

It's cute.

yup, it is

I've been using that "nothing" block as a kind of "blank line" between sections of code, so as to improve its readability.

yeah i remember it lol

mini block
i got it too, i just used the set label block with a blank string

I also tried to make an "invisible" (transparent) block, but didn't (yet) succeed. :grin:

use the blocks transparency setting

The "fade blocks" setting will fade all blocks, I was looking for just a single block, or the blocks within one category. Well ... it's not that important. Thanks for your suggestion, anyway!

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