Not sure why one part works in fullscreen but not in normal view

if you move one of the two player corsshairs to the bottom, they should be brought to the top. works in fullscreen, but not in the normal view. all other sides work just fine. any reason why this happens and or how i can fix it? thx a bunch

Good question. For me it works in the editor, whether in presentation mode (fullscreen) or in editor mode; it just fails when the project is embedded in the website page. @bromagosa, is the geometry different when embedded?

The project does strange things about positioning at half-steps, and I didn't work out all the details. You could use edge instead of those four extra sprites and maybe simplify things.

Hi @heyjustchillin,

The problem is around the "exactly number of pixels" in different sizes.

This is not about our "website embedded system". You can reproduce it in the editor, changing the size of the stage. In some sizes, the problem appears.

What's up? When you "touching bottom", you are moving the sprite to y:174. But then, this position is "touching top" and so, it is moved again to y:-174.

What can you do? Change the numbers or maybe better (to avoid touching effects and resolution issues) use the y position value to control that effect.


Thanks for the tip! I moved the top bar by 2 pixels and it seems to work just fine now.