Not all sounds work in offline version

Some sounds in the Snap! Offline Editor (the Sounds directory in the source code) are encoded in a non-standard ADPCM format, which browsers cannot natively decode that causes problems when decoding those sounds:

  • Length of sound will say 0:00.
  • Playing the sound won't work.
  • Getting the samples of the sound yields EncodingError: Failed to execute 'decodeAudioData' on 'BaseAudioContext': Unable to decode audio data.

Here are some sounds that are affected by this issue:

  • garden
  • hey
  • hip_hop

I guess that those sounds should be converted to a standard WAV format so browsers can natively decode those sounds.

I hope this could get fixed, highly appreciated.

also, when importing some sounds, it just gets corrupted

Which sounds are corrupted? Will test the sounds that look corrupted.

snap's sound system is probably the most buggiest thing ive seen in snap, and it hasnt been fixed

maybe if you tell us what sounds become corrupted upon import, it might be fixed :slight_smile: