Nostalgic 3D project!

Ever remember getting your first computer and customizing it to your heart's content, well this project is a nostalgic recreation of the Windows brick maze from in 95 all the way to windows ME!

Very good! But maybe allow movement made by the player?

Why? It's a screensaver! (My favourite one, too!)

Ah, screensaver. Ok, at least a alternate mode?

I guess I could make a button that changes mode

Or a mode selection menu.

maybe make the turn animation slower to more closely resemble the actual screensaver?

Dome and Done!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No prob!


Outside of screensaver mode the collision is broken, but i already found a solution:
Brick Maze win 95 script pic
This makes the collision work properly instead of making the camera just phase through walls.

I have a collision detector I just accidently deleted it let me fix it!

Screenshot 2024-05-07 12.32.40


You should add textures, but other than that, I like the project. The walls are slightly too thick though.

Next thing you should try recreating - the Hall of Tortured Souls.

?? What? Better off starting slowly instead of that jump.

Yeah that's true. Whatever is ideal for you is the best for you (that's what ideal means)


was for

The Hall of Tortured Souls was a secret easter egg found on Excel 95, the Windows 95 version of Excel. If you go to line 95 and do some weird things with the menus and stuff it would open a 3D Raycasting Game called Hall of the Tortured Souls.