Non-static rings?

i'm trying to make a library for bluebaritone21's version of Sebastian Lague's Digital Logic Sim and found out that ring inputs are static and i need to use a list for ring inputs so that my idea will work

is there a way to get around this?

Maybe try right-clicking on the block in the ring and you should see the option "unringify"?

If it doesn't work, provide some more details about that so I can answer your question.

well, no... i want the ring
what i also want is to be able to replace the inputs with a list
image -> image
however, the ring inputs are static (you can't replace it with a list)

Unfortunately, there's no way to do that. It may have been a feature request. Since there's no dotted line between the arrows, you can't do an input list.

So if a varadic block has a dotted line between the arrows, this means you can insert an input list into it, but if It doesn't, you can't.

The only solution is that you can find other substitutes to this.

oh. great.


call has variadic inputs. Do you want that?

Also, since these are upvars (which declares a variable), not inputs, it doesn't make sense to allow an input list.

that makes sense

well this is for your project
and the way i'm trying to find sub-circuits in the project doesn't work well with it...
i don't know how to use the inputs in the block this way

This is actually possible through metaprogramming.

okay i have that
however it removes the "and" reporter from the ring


You have to put the and block in the 2nd item of the list.

ohh alright

I don't see how it can be useful to specify inputs after you've specified the code! All the open references inside the ring have to be closed somehow, either by formal parameters or by external (global, sprite) variables.

well i'm trying to help bluebaritone21 work on his logic sim project and i've been trying to work on the circuit system that uses custom reporters to run the sub-circuits and i need to use inputs for the sub-circuits, but it's unpredictable how a user would use the project so i'm making it all based off of a table to get the data from

|Column A |--Column B--|Column C... |

honestly, i barely thought this through
all my plans that i had are shattered into pieces by now

Oh! Just make a table -- a list of lists.

yeah, that was my plan

but it feels like getting all the data and the code through scripts is just gonna be a pain

perfectly fine:

Hmm. I guess that means the JOIN is trying to turn your list into a script and there's some syntax problem about doing that.

What are you trying to do with the JOIN? You didn't mean (APPEND INPUT LIST: ...) did you?

Remember: AND and NOT are the only Snap!-coded gates. All the others are recursively ran until it hits these two.