Non-English Curricula and Snap! Tutorials

Did you know Snap! supports over three dozen languages? Check it out by selecting the "Language" option in the Settings menu.

We'll use this post to collect tutorials, courses and other resources in any non-English language. Post below with a link and description, and we'll update the post.




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I think it'd be cool if we had a centralized list of materials in other languages. I know you all have written stuff, feel free to edit the top post or add one below if that's easier. :slight_smile:

Sure! Will post mine as soon as I get back from my super short vacation :slight_smile:

Here you go:

Aprenentatge Creatiu amb Snap! (I)

This is the first of the two courses on Snap! that I made for the Education Department of Catalonia. @jguille2 and @jferran6 helped with the lesson outline, writing a bunch of accompanying texts and doing the final editing on the videos.

This one is meant for people with no experience whatsoever in programming. Every lesson starts with a blank project and ends with a finished one.

The second one is currently in the making and is aimed at people that have either followed the first one or have some prior experience in Snap! or Scratch. I'll post it here when it's done (videos will be done by September, but then Joan and Josep will be reviewing and doing the final edits, which can take half a month more or so.)

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