Nokia Ringtone

So I'm currently in STEM-8 Class and I want to make my robot, a Linkbot, play the Nokia Ringtone (We're all noobies/newbies and I just learned how to play tones with a Linkbot).

So I made this project to see what frequencies I need for it.

And here's the project. This is probably my worst project I've made to date, but at least I completed it.

Well, it'd be improved by a PLAY _ HZ FOR _ BEATS block (where a beat is 0.2 sec).

Is this in TuneScope?

No, it's in dev(elopment) mode

Is what in TuneScope? (Pronouns Considered Harmful™)


You said

and I have no idea what you mean by "this."

Long, long ago (early '60s I think) there was a famous article by Edsger(?) Dijkstra called "GOTO Considered Harmful" which was all about why you should use (slightly) more abstract loops and conditionals instead of the explicit GOTO place-in-the-code that's typical of machine languages. Since then computer scientists like to say "___ Considered Harmful" about almost anything, e.g., "Deep-fried Potstickers Considered Harmful."

If at all applicable, MicroBlocks ( has a specific Nokia tunes library. It would be a learning experience to run and play with it, and then craft your version.
Additionally, you'll probably find MB more friendly towards physical computing and tasks like driving robot cars etc. Enjoy.

PLAY _ HZ FOR _ BEATS. "Beats" is something that I really only saw... ever... in Snap! in Tunescope and other music libraries.

two different blocks

Oh. No, the regular Sound blocks, some of them anyway, talk about "beats." The reason for using that unit is that it's flexible. You can think of a beat as a quarter note, or as a whole measure, etc. (You use the SET TEMPO block to determine how long a beat is.)

I never noticed that! You Learn Something New Every Day™.