Noise (Advanced)

Hi! I was wondering if there was anyone here who knows anything about simplex noise?

I'm making a breakthrough with it in my new game!

Yes yes yes I know this is offtopic but is there anyone willing to help? I know there are plenty of JS devs here who might know...

So I did the following...
Setup simplex noise: Note: of course I'm honoring my gf @funtime_foxy101 with this...

let simplexNoise = new SimplexNoise("I love my babe")

Everything can generate well using simplex noise until it comes to generating oceans...

The only solution I came up with is to make the simplex noise steeper so it stretches way down into the oceans...

But there is an issue with that.

By using the previous proposed solution, this will generate very steep underwater hills, which I'll call ocean spikes, which is not approved of...

Does anyone know how to generate?

FYI: This uses 2d

try generating a bigger heightmap with simplex noise and lower parts of the heightmap will be ocean

Could you show some video or diagram?

uhh generate simplex noise values that span a larger space and make the height of the area based on that so if it goes lower then it would be an ocean

i don't have a video or diagram of that i would have to make one

Im better than visual diagrams

But is this what your saying, I put 2 simplex "lines" together and take the "bottom" part and thats the ocean floor

ok i made a picture it's like this

this is a picture of noise except i made it so any noise values under a certain threshold would show up blue, signifying an ocean

This is 2d remember not 3d

ok there now it's one dimensional i just put 0 as the second value of the noise function instead of the y value of the pixel

Is this method good using 2 simplex lines

This doesn't look like ocean

That looks like a lake
but an ocean should be 200 blocks long

then how am i supposed to show you both land and ocean if i make the ocean in the image really big?
and this is the bigger heightmap

Is there youtube tutorial or something?

idk but i'm trying to tell you to make a bigger height map using noise and set a sea level so some areas would be lower than the sea level and therefore be in the ocean

and the ocean floor is generated the way same land is

and you asked for a diagram and i attempted to make a diagram showing this

You only showed the result @pumpkinhead...
Your supposed to show how the whole concept works

how else am i supposed to show you the concept of using noise to generate a heightmap????????????? do you want the code i used to make those visuals here

const noiseScale = 0.005;
const noiseAmplitude = 0.4;
const oceanHeight = 0.2;

function setup() {
  createCanvas(800, 400);
  noiseDetail(10, 0);

function draw() {

  for (let x = 0; x < width; x++) {
    let noiseVal = noise(x * noiseScale) * noiseAmplitude;
    let y = noiseVal * -height + height;
    if (noiseVal < oceanHeight) {
      stroke(0, 0, 255);
      line(x, y, x, height * (1 - oceanHeight));
    if (noiseVal < oceanHeight + 0.01) {
      stroke(255, 200, 0);
    } else {
      stroke(20, 200, 50);
    line(x, y, x, height);

and i was telling you the concept

Just contact me on at Coder2195Text

@bh this is NOT an offsite meeting...
@bh This is not a meeting at all... Since we just coding together

here's a little project I made a while ago trying to accomplish Perlin noise in Snap: