No text in Snap

There no text type a letter or a word in snap. Like in scratch, there a text type a letter or a word in the sprite. How like this (examples in scratch).

this has already been requested

Look in the "Text costumes" library.

ok but what about like, if you're making a menu or something and needed text to name your game

Then you just make a text costume for each game! No?

At this point I'm just going to use GIMP for sprites.

The text costumes blocks are not very good. If they are too long, only half of it appears in the sprite, and you can't change the font. Also, it clears all the pen trails.

How long is too long? What causes the constraint?

About clearing the pen trails, the intention is that you make the costumes during the development of the project, not after it's running. But I agree that it's not a complete text capability. Jens deliberately made the WRITE block simple so that newbies could get text on the stage without having to become font nerds. And I think that's an important use case. But I want to develop a "text box costume" that can be read and written interactively and programmatically, with all the font bells and whistles. Someday.

Some comments here:

  • About "clearing the pen trails". Yes, the "write text" block is inside the pen category and the result is part of the current pen trails. If you want to use that to create your costume manually you can do something more... but the "costume from text" block (from "Text Costumes" library) does it for you. It doesn't clear your current pen trails. Test it.

  • About text size. Using the "write" block, you can go before to the left of the stage to write the "longest" text costume (the stage size). Yes the "costume from text" block has the limitation of half stage size, because it begins to "write" at (0,0). You can edit easily this block and change that inner block to "go to (-240,0)" as a workaround.

  • About fonts and colors. Previous "write block" was on a library, with JS code and it was easy to edit and change. If you need this feature (colors and fonts) you can implement easily from that old block. I'll share an example posting here...


writeFontColoredText.xml (2.2 KB)

Old Write Text Block with inputs for color and font.