no-sprites Snap! v2

i am attempting this thing again, with more knowledge of how to actually do it this time. currently, i have this

(yes the pallette opens to Lists, because when it's initializing, the instance of StageMorph isn't yet a child of IDE_Morph, so is null, so it can't check if it's in dev mode, and Lists is the only category that doesn't query aside from Variables)

What are you trying to do, and why is variables and looks switch?

modify Snap! to not have sprites, but rather to make it have one script area. i don't expect there to be a practical use for it, but i like the idea so why not just make a mod

what other order for the categories would you suggest?


btw yes i'm logged in, despite being on localhost

Woah this looks cool are you gonna release it?

i can upload it to github but be warned it's super buggy right now

Ok I recommend you do it when it’s not buggy when you have a stable release

no, have GitHub - WarpedWartWars/no-sprites-Snap-v2: fork of that removes sprites (and various other small changes)

Definitely the right thing! :~D

The real question is, why is Looks there at all, if there's no stage and no sprites?

And also why is there no green flag?

well it does make it look odd, since Lists isn't the "first" category, though i could rearrange the categories again to make it work

it's for image manipulation

since there's no stage, there's no "app mode", thus you're always in the full editor (except in an iframe; i'll have to work on that later on), so what reason is there for something that you can achieve by either clicking on a script or using broadcasts?

I would assume image manipulation should still be possible, even though there's no easy way to show the images (besides exporting it).

for basically that reason, i've temporarily moved CONSOLE LOG out of dev mode. still not sure how to truly fix the problem though

The green flag can be used to run multiple scripts at once without clicking on a broadcast block.

surely using broadcasts is just as easy but whatever

plus there's now nothing special about one start message, so you can make a program have, say, run and debug starts separately from each other, without needing a global variable

Well, the green flag is a central run button that never moves, whereas a broadcast block is not always visible, and the right message might not be selected.

And conversely, even if you do have multiple sprites on a stage, you could always
untitled script pic (2)
instead of having an actual button to push! The button is just really convenient, besides presenting a metaphor of "the program" as opposed to a collection of scripts without a hierarchical structure in which one script coordinates the others.

You can always do that anyway; nothing forces you to have green-flag scripts. If you're thinking along those lines, what you really want in your mod, imho, is the ability to put extra buttons up there next to the green flag that broadcast their label text, so you could make a DEBUG button!

and maybe have custom icons, too, so you could make a debug icon

but these would be additions of the future, when it's otherwise stable

Aha! A purpose for costumes without sprites! :~)

that reminds me, why should they be called costumes if there're no sprites to wear them?