No Sound in Snap

I am using safari on macOS, Snap does not play sounds at all. I think this is a bug.
I cannot even run sound blocks!

This is a known limitation of Safari on Mac (it's slightly better on iPad). Can you try using either Chrome (or a Chromium based browser, such as Chromium, Edge, Opera, Brave etc.) or Firefox? If you still encounter issues with sound please holler again :slight_smile:

I see the same problem on ipad using safari and chrome. After I import one of the sounds from the library and hit "play" there's no sound; there is sound when I click on "play" in the library before importing. No sound when I use the play sound block. When I use the play sound until done block, it never comes back. btw, scratch sounds work on the ipad using safari and chrome.

how does that help?

If they wanted a perfect solution (which is not possible) I’m just telling them to contact the browser devs

yeah but i think they were trying to do that by making the topic

Already said that
There is no perfect solution

I know, I meant

I’m sure one of the snap devs are safari devs

excatly if they want sound on safari, have them post on safari forums

oh wait, that's what you're talking about?

that's a pretty slim chance, actually.

are there even safari forums at all?

That’s what I’m trying to say if people are going to complain, on somewhere else

there are apple forums?

I'm trying to say, this forum isn't area for safari changes

I thought that this was snap bug

its not....
tell @bh to add an audio transcoder

the topic is closed

@system close it

@system is not a person

@bh then