No replys after >7 days

after 7< days of replying, I haven't had anyone to reply to my fourms. so I tryed to put these in a new topic ,then I tryed putting it in my reply in a new topic and still doesn't have any replys. how long does it usally take for some1 to reply? is this normal? do all topic's get atleast 1 reply?
is there a bug in my fourms? if there is a bug on my fourms, what is the bug?

There is no bug, it just means that no one has anything to say.

I finally got a reply. sorry about this. I did this topic before I you last replyed on my other topic. so I guess this is ethier normal or you half to remined people about your reply.

No. It just means no-one has anything to say. Full stop.

No please don't make a habit of that.