No dictionary manual

there arent any sectors about dictionaries in the manual.

(yeah ik that its supra simple)



Geez. If I say anything to you somebody is gonna dig up, what, the lyrics of another "Hollies" song, right?

not quite sure what you mean
do you mean that i have too much bug reports?

I'm sticking my thumbs into my ears and just hum along.

Jens is referencing my thread. Which was not named by me and was split off by BH from another thread. I didn't intend it that way, but that's kind of how it ended up unfortunately. Sorry Jens.

I was trying to say that @d4s_over_dt4's enthusiasm was probably not driven by ill intent more hyperfixation and that maybe thinking about ways to encourage them, like for example the I'm bored thread they created which has plenty of interesting little projects and ideas.

I mean, let's be clear, they do post too much, but they're clearly not dumb. Quite clever actually, just. Young and enthusiastic. Extremely so.

Uh. Is there a way to edit who I'm replying to instead of deleting and reposting it and having it flagged as spam? I'm not actually familiar with discourse beyond these forums. Ooops.

:slight_smile: thanks


:slight_smile: thanks

Yeah, I've used that function a couple times already. What I meant is I accidentally replied to Jens instead of you and was talking to Jens in the third person. Which, oops. Rude.

Oh ok

jens, you don't need to always reply to every post. someone was going to mention the manual needs updating at some point, especially when such a valuable feature is hidden behind typing text into a round input slot.
if you really need to reply, you could just say "we're not updating the manual for now" or "we're already working on it".
people aren't suggesting features with the malicious intent to take up your time, and considering how random it is when you post i assume they aren't expecting your rude remarks either.

Yeah. The manual is still at 8.0. It takes a little while for me to catch up with Snap! changes. For 8.0 I actually managed to get the manual released along with the software, because there was a fairly long time after the feature freeze with debugging still happening, and I could use that time to work on the manual in parallel. I'm sorry I didn't keep up this time. Working on it.

@callietastrophic @jens: Yeah, sorry about that, when I split the topic I had to pick a name for the new thread, so you can blame me for the Hollies song -- although it's a great song, so I don't feel guilty. :~)

Yeah, I've got it stuck in my head and have done for a couple days. It's a great song, but catchy lol. Makes a change from my usual heavy metal lol.

As for not updating the manual, yeah that's unrealistic. Yes it needs to be updated, but that does take work. A lot of work. Can PDF files use the png effect for drag and drop? Cause I would LOVE to do that with the examples in the manual to use the new stepping effect.

Cause, maybe it's me being me, but some of the examples in the manual don't seem to work? I can't get crossproduct to work no matter what I try. Tries again Nope. It highlights the block and then does nothing. A lot of the later examples do the same, for me anyway, or I try to copy them and realise there's a block you haven't explained in the middle and I don't know how to implement it.

Oh, I'm talking about the new debug feature and forgot to try it. It takes the two lists, and then instead of matching a123 and b123 it goes to crossproduct which tries to make a list with no entries and then keeps attempting to make that list and also reporting a false predicate.

So there's an issue there I don't understand.

Crossproduct works fine for me if not single stepped:

It's only when I turn on single stepping and then open the script of crossproduct that the recursive calls fail.

So, I don't think this problem has anything to do with primitive dictionaries, which the crossproduct in the manual doesn't use. The problem is an interaction between the feature of showing intermediate results in speech bubbles and embedded (non-tail) recursion.

Thank you for reporting this.

I grabbed that new one via the png drag and drop, which is one of my favourite features, equal with the new debug stuff, and on my end it works in stepping mode with or without the editor open. I also have the snap version up to compare the two. My favourite part of this is usually when building this from the manual I usually accidentally set small to an input list and "correct" it before I run it.

If only I'd known lol.

I mostly want to use the debug feature on everything! EVERYTHING. It's so good!

My problem is I'm good at reading manuals, but every day I have snap open planning to do a lot of things, but never get further than not starting. So much ambition, so little brain :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Yeah I sympathize.

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