Nintendo Switch Game

I have no idea why i didnt think of that

other joystick makes the browser zoom

I made a block in my project that does all of that.

What does pressing the thumbstick do?

How do I use switch web browser?

left press changes the cursor mode for the browser. right resets the page zoom

What about L and R buttons?

They do nothing. I just tested. Doesn't say any key is pressed
Edit: Y, capture, and the volume buttons also do nothing.

Go to settings > internet > internet settings. Click on your SSID and click change settings. Scroll down and find "DNS Settings" and click on it. Then press "Manual". Then press "Primary DNS" and set it to "". Press save, then wait 10 seconds. To open the browser, launch the news app and press "Find Channels". The Switch may tell you that you need to sign in to the network. Press sign in and wait until SwitchBru launches.

We can still do something with A and the Joystick. I made an example in the project.

link please.

its in the main post

ok now what?

now or know? do you wanna help develop something?

sure what do you have in mind?

i need a game idea.


hmm, good idea, lets try to brainstorm other ideas and ill pick the best one.

ok. we could do something like super Mario run. or a 2d legend of link. or some animal game like Minecraft but 2d and your a animal.