Nintendo Switch Game (Part 2)

Hello there! I am looking for people to help me create a game that can be played on the Nintendo Switch!

Dev Team:


How to get the Nintendo Switch browser:

Go to settings > internet > internet settings. Click on your SSID and click change settings. Scroll down and find "DNS Settings" and click on it. Then press "Manual". Then press "Primary DNS" and set it to "". Press save, then wait 10 seconds.

How to open the Nintendo Switch Browser:

To open the browser, launch the news app and press "Find Channels". The Switch may tell you that you need to sign in to the network. Press sign in and wait until SwitchBru launches.


Level Design: @joecooldoo


New Designs!
Game Added!
Wall Detection Added!
Level Switch Animated!
Added Death Animation!

Work Days:

2021-06-21T07:00:00Z โ†’ 2021-06-26T07:00:00Z

Project Link:
Nintendo Switch Game

I think rather than making a game that's only for the nintendo switch, we should make a game that's compatible with PC and the nintendo switch.

and Mac cuz that is what I use.

good idea

I like it we need some more levels tho.

Ill create more tomorrow. Today was coding.

ok I have to go so see you around 12:00.

So.. I made the walking guy not shake... I think we should add a coin counter and more levels.

we should focus on levels first

ill do he levels because i use a special program

we should be on the other topic.

no, i want to be able to edit the first post

ok but making that other one was a wast if were only doing it on this topic.

:man_facepalming: im alking abou par 2 because @system makes it and i cant edit it.

i made a new level.

cool I like it.

@sirhopsalot: ideas.
@joecooldoo: design.
helicoptur : ?

were are the t for that sentence.

so you see, the computer i was on then, the t button didnt work. but then i used the on-screen keyboard.

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