Nick OS

i have made my own OS and i need apps to put in it so give me a link to your project and i will look at them a see if i want to add them
link to OS:Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

i will be holding challenges to see projects that could be added

I’ll try and make a version of ccbincc for it



We do NOT have time to get into that so just uh


It also just like, doesn’t work.. like at all

It might be CORS but I don’t have a js console to check

Also I’m pretty sure you just can’t use JavaScript like that

Yeah that’s me

what does ccbincc even mean tho

Read the wiki it has all the info you need


This isn’t proper snap or normal JS

This is correct JS and snap JS (snap js is what I call the ways snap interprets the js block and where/how you should put the js block, js is ONLY the js block, snap js doesn’t include information about the inputs of the js block either)

But this doesn’t seem to be functional reguardless

I would just make the projects into scenes

it worked for me

It shouldn’t have worked tho? Strange

why not?

The variables where not declared correctly for the input and the quotation marks where the incorrect kind

They where (“text”) instead of ("text")


Look at the shape of the quotes, they are different Unicode characters and the first set of quotes doesn’t behave like quotes and breaks JavaScript

it works for me