NEXT Costume

I am fully aware of the discussion in POST.

Just a simple question to defuse my confusion:

New Project
Add costumes from Library

Then NEXT COSTUME does not switch from the initial Turtle to the loaded costumes.
Switch to costume does switch.

I go along with the Turtle has "no costume" thingy and it being costume# 0.

What I do NOT understand is:

  • If there is at least one REAL costume in the Sprite, why does NEXT Costume not switch to it?
  • Likewise, if I create a costume or costume(s) in code, why can I not switch to them via NEXT Costume?

I know Jens will crucify me for this but it just seems unnatural !

that's a bit harsh.

Because Jens is being stubborn and irrational about this. He maintains that since NEXT COSTUME from the last costume switches to costume 1 rather than costume 0 (and we all agree that that's what it should do), it's somehow inconsistent to allow NEXT COSTUME from costume 0.

Really it's because he gets mad when the entire rest of the world (but especially when I do it) refers to "the turtle costume" and similar language. He wants us to think of the turtle costume as being the sprite's naked body.

So, by all means, keep asking this.

P.S. Jens, I love you anyway. :~)