New Year Countdown 2022 (Part 3)

So I can make them.

How about, I design the graphics, you do the coding/putting it in the project.

Ill do the coding.

I wanna do UI. We can all do coding.

I want to do the design/graphics.

No offence @earthrulerr, but your coding is kinda messy.


Cause I’d o = true instead of straight up if var?

@joecooldoo i can also organize by putting stuff into custom blocks. I Jsut odnt do it normally cause I odnt find a need too.

Partially that.

Nah, it's just plain messy. (I dont want to hurt your feelings, so sorry if I did.)

Which parts messy? (Ps feeling hurt meter 1-10 = 0

Um, oh.

Can I do the coding?

Ok, what UI do I need to make?

Chat room ui.

Which part of my coding is messy though?

We got the buttons. So we need a chat UI and a background for the months.

@earthrulerr I like your buttons better than @joecooldoo's. (no offence)

I can also do notifications like “you got a new message” and “New update: Doggo”

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