New toolsprite out now!

I recently made a toolsprite that contains math extensions, like the[scratchblocks]<( v)% chance :: grey>[/scratchblocks] block!
Oh and there's a block counter, determining how many blocks are in such category (press space to show how many in a different way!), plus the score system that increases based on the type of the block (press b to show how many in a different way), but you don't really have to mind it.
Feel free to ask me to add some blocks, but read the instructions in the project itself first ( Right here! ) which can be done by clicking the green flag.
Remember! The burnout rule you would see after a while is per person, not global!
Before posting this there were 14 blocks and the score was 1250.

Hi. If you want other people to use your library, you probably don't really want to include event-driven scripts, especially not green-flag scripts, because that will conflict with the user's own actions in response to the event. Libraries generally contain only block definitions, not toplevel scripts.

Oh. I'm going to update the project soon.

Done! I removed all event-driven scripts as you said.

Exactly what type of blocks are you looking for, categories are based around a topic/theme so I want to know what this one’s is

I'm looking for blocks for the "Mathematics" category