New sound block

Like someone said something about using "live sound", hou can i make the new sound reporter go at the actual speed, while at the same time also retaining the pitch?

Eh? Isn't "the actual speed" the default? Do you mean that you want to change the speed without changing the pitch? To do that you have to add or remove actual samples to compensate for the change in sampling rate. It's complicated to do a good job of that.

No. The default value lowers my voice a bit.
And if i try yo make it the rigjt pitch, it costs in exchange for a faster speed.

I just realized: what u said, but vice versa.
I want to change the pitch without changing the speed

Ehat i mean is that the default has the perfect speed but a (subscript if i could) deep(unsub)
Voice to go with it.

That's weird. Where did the sound samples come from in the first place? If you recorded the sound in Snap! then it should sound the same when played back.

You know that when you talk, what you hear is nothing like what everyone else hears, right? Because mostly you're hearing by bone conduction rather than through your ears.

But if you sound too low in pitch, what you have to do is first change the speed until the pitch is right. Then compute the ratio by which you changed the sample rate. Let's say the original is at 44100 and you play back at 44000 to get the pitch right. So to restore the original sampling rate, you have to add 100 samples every 44000, or in other words, one sample every 440. So you take the array of samples and at 441 you insert a copy of the one at 440; at 881 in the original indexing, which is now 882, you insert a copy of the one at 881, and so on.

I am sorry to ask you,

I am only a less than teen

I'd be glad to try to explain, but you have to tell me where I lost you.

For example, do you understand what it means to say that a sound is made up of samples?

That was his cousin talking to you.


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