New scene

I can't figure out how to switch scene's on snap

First, create a new scene using the “new scene” or “import scene” buttons in the file menu, (“new scene” creates an empty scene, “import scene” lets you add another project as a scene)

Now, use the SWITCH TO SCENE block in the control pallets to switch between them. (If you click the arrow on the block, you can switch to the scene and send a message to get it started!)

why is this share your projects?

Weird, I didn’t even notice that
Also: it has games tag???


well I'm done with 1 scene but I don't know how to go to the next scene but I do know the scene button. what I do want to know is that when your done with 1 scene is there a block that will get you to the next scene. in a project

what does the block look like

untitled script pic (3)
untitled script pic (4)