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I can't figure out how to switch scene's on snap

First, create a new scene using the “new scene” or “import scene” buttons in the file menu, (“new scene” creates an empty scene, “import scene” lets you add another project as a scene)

Now, use the SWITCH TO SCENE block in the control pallets to switch between them. (If you click the arrow on the block, you can switch to the scene and send a message to get it started!)

why is this share your projects?

Weird, I didn’t even notice that
Also: it has games tag???


well I'm done with 1 scene but I don't know how to go to the next scene but I do know the scene button. what I do want to know is that when your done with 1 scene is there a block that will get you to the next scene. in a project

what does the block look like

untitled script pic (3)
untitled script pic (4)


I finally found out how to switch scenes

Can someone tell me why using different scenes is useful?

It's mainly for games, especially games where there are plenty of scenes. It's to eliminate redundant scene-switching costume changing code or whatnot.

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (
this is the project, I want you to fix the glitch. sometimes the game is over when you did nothing that makes you lose and another problem is sometimes the left arrow won't work when you want sprite 4 move on a -x axis when poop=6685 and there's other problems. so can you fix all the glitches on this all game all fixed