New (name) section to the new sound block

here is what i mean (those are the default settings by the way)
i cant put images in so it would kinda be like :
(new sound {sample list} name [sound] rate (44100 v) Hz)
basically if you use the {add [new sound] to list (my [sounds v])} method it will keep the sound name you put in

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It's actually possible to make this block:

To get the primitive block, click :gear: > Extension blocks.

i never new that existed thanks!

This is the more (approved) Snappy way of doing it.

Now, I would rather suggest to use a block in a library, but one only exists for costumes, not sounds.

The reason why I put the primitive (extension) block in a custom block, is because you're not supposed to use primitive (extension) blocks inside scripts, but rather deal with that in it's own custom block.

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