New MOOC about "Exploring the World of AI" starting today

Hey, everyone!

We have a new three-week online course available on openSAP. "Exploring the World of AI" tries to explain what AI actually is, how a computer can learn to play a game (in Snap! :)), and what the differences between machine learning and symbolic AI are. We explore different types of machine learning to predict whether our virtual monkeys bite, and get rich by finding gold in our virtual wild west. We also take a look at the bigger picture to find out whether machines can actually think, and discuss the social implications that AI has for our society.

And if you're a teacher, Til and Stefan also prepared some unplugged and programming teaching resources to include AI in your classroom.

The course starts today, so head over to (English) or (German)

We'd be thrilled to meet some of you over there in the discussion forum.


A bit of adv notice would have been nice !

1st assignment isn't due in until next Tuesday so not an issue :slight_smile:

These are fun courses

And once your signed up to one, you get plenty of notice about upcoming ones :slight_smile:

Also, if you follow Jens and Jadga and/or OpenSAP on Twitter - you get heads up on there as well :slight_smile:

You're both absolutely right!

There was so much to do last minute to get the course ready that I didn't have time to post it here last week, which is a bummer.

However, as Simon mentioned, the first "assignment" is due next Wednesday, so there's still plenty of time to watch all the videos and do the exercises. Moreover, the video lectures and exercises will also be available after the course ends. In case you don't need/want the certificate, feel free to take your time.


Perhaps a suggestion to reach out to the CodeWeek-DE team, also has a resource-page. I think that would help with getting noticed, especially outside the bubble :slight_smile:

let me know if I can help,


well actually I'm having an issue because when I was signing up I did my only account I had my school account and my password is only 4 letters long so it said I could not sign up so :sob:

Hey, Ramon!

Great idea. I will reach out to them after the course is done (and get back to you if I need help). Maybe we can rerun it for the Code Weeks.


Hey, universe2012!

Ah, that's too bad.

However, if you want to sign up to openSAP you need to create an account there. You can use your e-mail address and set another password (also, try not to tell other people that kind of information about your password, especially, if it's that short ;))

If you need help, let me know.