New Mod

Im making an mod called CPSnap meant to add C plus plus stuff to snap anyone have any code snippets for some categories and blocks or anything that might help me
Add an console and make the stage an text box.
Add some new blocks.

I tried to get it on Google sites but I could not

Either trying getting the materials by downloading

Though do you have any JavaScript snippets that may help me?

Project is available at the Snapcon Downloads, but it's copyrighted material of @s_federici. There is also a working link, at the bottom of this topic

Why do you want to start with Javascript? With its macro capabilities, context management, first-class procedures, lambda's, Snap! has enough power to make such a project without JS.

Well I want to interact with Snap! Source

And BloP isn’t working I tried the website

Based on the source code BloP - Google Drive

Switched to Snap! mode according to "bloP tutorial.pdf"

I just tried it and now it works

Also if you wanna help me and my friends are working on an os with an bootloader and kernel and terminal and nix

Just look for Anyone wanna collab

dang, @programmer_user beat me to the topic a year before i did

Every link I can find to download it is dead, so am I one of the few that has it downloaded?
@awdeni ill try to upload this somewhere, and theres an example with it that already has c.
Edit: NVM-


You should upload it to, that way it can be archived forever, and allow for other people to easily find it.

Oh good idea

Uhhh when did the internet archive stop being secure and why is it blank

I have no idea. Maybe check to make sure you computer is on the correct time?

Maybe try manually adding the https?

what would that do?