New lines in input options are now replaced with spaces


  1. chrome but it's probably not the browser itself
  3. None it's just there
  4. for input options, the new lines seem to be replaced by spaces (i can still change them back into new lines). also this is true with the JS function block
  5. the new lines that were replaced with spaces should be \n characters (i think they're \n characters)

Hmm, I see the problem in your linked project, but I can't reproduce it in a smaller project. And I can't save your project -- it goes on forever claiming it's saving it.

So, did this problem happen when you saved and reloaded your project? Or what?

I saved the project before the website was updated, and last opened it after. Also, I can't seem to reproduce it by saving the project in the old editor (in the original website at, and then opening it in the new site.

I looked through my old projects that have dropdown menu inputs, and they all open correctly in 5.0. So I think this must be some corruption of your project that isn't generalizable.