New Game!

A Game where tap the Object to get money to get new objects to prestige to beat the GAME

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (

Also, assets made by CorbyCoaty / cupiobean with permission!

Btw new objects will be added later for different Prestage's!
Also updates every once in a while !

fun, but not very balanced.

I love it, it's a fun clicker game that I can play extraordinarily.

I found a bug, if you're on the third character you can't go to the next character with 10,000 money, instead it gives a prestige if you have 100,000 money (even if you don't have the fourth character).

But I love it by the way. :slight_smile:

Funny !

You should round this value:

Sorry! Small overlook during testing I have A Update Rolling out Soon

Sorry! Small overlook during Button Coding I have version 1.01 Coming out in a little while!

Overtime I will update the game and try to make it balanced!

Btw Congrats getting pass the stages I THE MAKER OF the game has actually gotten to without using debugging tools!